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21 Books You Don't Have to Read
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21 Books You Don't Have to Read

Takeaway: "We've been told all our lives that we can only call ourselves well-read once we've read the Great Books. We tried. We got halfway through Infinite Jest and halfway through the SparkNotes on Finnegans Wake. But a few pages into Bleak House, we realized that not all the Great Books have aged well. Some are racist and some are sexist, but most are just really, really boring. So we—and a group of un-boring writers—give you permission to strike these books from the canon. Here's what you should read instead."   GQ

The Vesper Polo Is Inspired by 007

[Partner]  James Bond, everyone's favorite superspy, is always stylish, sophisticated and cool under pressure, which is why he was the inspiration for Mack Weldon's new Vesper Polo, a shirt with those precise traits. This upgraded classic features a refined collar that keeps its shape wash after a wash, a tailored fit for a modern look and lightweight knit fabric with micro mesh combed cotton construction to keep you cool. It might not come with any cool gadgets or a license to kill, but the Vesper Polo will still leave you feeling like 007.   Mack Weldon

"Swingers" and the Fashion Faux Pas That Swept America

Takeaway: "Some films go down in cinema history for their costumes alone. Perhaps they perfectly capture a unique cultural moment before it disappears. Maybe they illuminate the brilliant wardrobe of a bygone era. And sometimes, the costumes just look really cool. Swingers is not one of those films."  Grailed

The End of the Joint As We Know It

Takeaway: "As smoking accessories have modernized in the past 10 years, and as more states have legalized sales, grinding and rolling up bud has gradually become a more obscure ritual. And the era of the hastily rolled marijuana cigarette — crystallized by everyone from Cheech and Chong to Barack Obama — is slowly coming to a close."  The Ringer

A Simple Technique for Handling Stress Like a Navy Seal

Takeaway: "Box breathing is a technique used to calm yourself down with a simple 4 second rotation of breathing in, holding your breath, breathing out, holding your breath, and repeating."  QuietKit


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